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About Us

Maryam and Alexander

Founders of Clear and Conquer based in Miami.  Their mission is to empower 1 million disruptors to create generational wealth and break generational chains.  Throughout their personal experiences, knowledge, and acquired self development, they have a proven record of helping individuals and business owners reach their personal and professional goals.  Both Maryam and Alexander have a purpose and live it, one of the avenues being Clear and Conquer.

Their unity under God is reflected in life and business bringing unity, change, and transformation for people who wants to make their own decisions to live the life they deserve.

Popular Session

Find Your Purpose

When someone finds their purpose, they utilize their gifts, passions, and values. Living your purpose should be reflected in your bank account.  Find out the reason for your existence.


Popular Session

365 Accountability

Be held accountable for 365 days to your goals and targets. Get a hold of the roadmap to your future. Clarity and awareness of getting past barriers holding you back from prospering.


Popular Session

Private Education

Every person and business is unique. These sessions are built uniquely for each individual and teach you how to succeed in today's competitive landscape.  Book your session for Private 1 on 1 Mentorship with Maryam or Alexander.


What People Are Saying

Our clients' success speaks volumes.

"I feel like I am finally in alignment with what I was made for. After my purpose session with Maraym and goals session with Alex, I made thousands of dollars in my business in just 30 days. I'm clear on what next steps I have to conquer my goals after being in a funk for months. Thank you for changing my life.

Will Figueroa

Founder, PurpleCircle.io


"It's both insightful and powerful to be able to find your purpose. Just 30 days after my session with Maryam, I ran a half marathon and continue to crush my goals.

Natalis Figueroa

Leadership at a Fortune 100 Company


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